War – Mormon History Guy Show – Episode 1

In this pilot episode, Russell Stevenson and Kate Harline discuss the historical undergirdings for the Mormon position on war. ¬†Drawing on Mormon scripture and various episodes of Mormon armed conflict, they show that the Saints’ views on war have been more ambivalent than contemporary Mormon assumptions might suggest. Stay tuned for more.

For Hosea Stout’s 1846 response to the Mexican-American war, see here.

For the First Presidency’s 1942 statement on war, see here.

For Spencer W. Kimball’s 1976 condemnation of the military-industrial complex, see here.


3 comments on “War – Mormon History Guy Show – Episode 1

  1. Eric says:

    Nice job covering all the key historical aspects and cultural nuances of this topic. As a combat veteran mormon myself I was initially skeptical of how this would go, but was happy with your thorough and thoughtful discussion. I feel one can be both Captain Moroni and the Anti-nephi-lehi’s at different times and circumstances as necessary.

  2. Brian Whitney says:

    Congratulations on launching a podcast! I’m looking forward to hearing what topics you will be tackling.

  3. Thanks for using the time to examine this, I really feel strongly about it and adore studying a lot more on this subject. If possible, as you gain experience

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