Podcast #4: Mormons and the Environment

In this episode, Russell Stevenson and Kate Harline explore Mormonism’s fascinating interactions with the environment and environmentalist thought.  Unlike many Christian denominations, Mormonism has a mixed and complicated message, as it has endeavored to uphold its principles of stewardship over the material world while still navigating the American and world economy as a minority religious movement.  Stop by for an engaging conversation about stewardship, industrialization, and the need for Mormons to rediscover their environment-centered theology.


One comment on “Podcast #4: Mormons and the Environment

  1. Hamlet says:

    Wanted to commend you and Kate for a job well done. We are truly stewards to this earth. Just as we would expect a precious gift that we give to a loved one to be handled with care and respect, so should we treat this precious gift that our Heavenly Father has given us. Keep up the podcasts!

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