The Truth: How 19th-century Mormon Collectivists Became Great Capitalists

One of the things we try to do here is show the backstory of Mormonism–the kind of story that journalists don’t really care to tell (it’s inconvenient and, frankly, often undermines what they’re trying to do).  While this response is a little slow to the match, it’s a story that hasn’t been told.

In an article published by Businessweek entitled, “How the Mormons Make Money,” the author essentially argues that Mormonism is basically a multinational corporation.  We only talk like people who believe; at the end of the day, the suits at the Church Office Building ultimately follow the God of the Almighty Buck.   Accentuating their piece is a cover image portraying John the Baptist giving Joseph Smith priesthood authority while  he directs Joseph to get rich.

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